[subbed] Himitsu no Arashi-chan #120 (2011.02.24) Marionette – Best Kiss cut

‘sup, lovelies! I present to you my second subbing project – a collaboration with my partner-in-crime-in-everything-shophail-and-awesomeness, KittyFiqa. 8Dv

Fun-but-probably-unimportant-and-useless fact — this Marionette segment is what kickstarted our venture into subbing, one fine day when we were watching the raw episode together and Kitty translated it for me (more like I demanded it, because seriously, Sho’s Marionette was giving me an explosive fangasm). One thing led to another, we took this project in seriously and worked our pedantic OCD-ridden asses off for two months to make it perfect. So yes, this is our first major solo subbing project, a.k.a. our precious firstborn baby, and we’re practically hyperventilating from the excitement to share our baby with the world!

Himitsu no Arashi-chan #120 [2011.02.24] – Super Marionette (Best Kiss) segment

Translator/QC : KittyFiqa
Timer/Typesetter/Encoder : Tashii
Raw provided by : last_of_days

A few notes regarding this video:

  1. The audio is slightly softer than normal – perhaps around 80%. It’s no biggie but I thought I should mention this.
  2. The subtitle font-size is still the same as it is in the VSA Tom/Cameron cut, since this episode was completed around the same time. But, fear not! I’ve provided a HQ version this time around, so if you find the subs in MQ too small, feel free to go for HQ instead. If you’d like, you can view this lovely Sho-focused screencap from both the MQ version and the HQ version for comparison. And, I’ll be sure to increase the font size in future subbing projects!
  3. I apologise for the larger-than-usual file size – I don’t know if this is related, but I added a Sharpen effect to the video quality during rendering in Sony Vegas. It could be related to the encoding settings, too (I did notice the audio data size was larger than it usually was). I’ll definitely look into this problem. If you’ve got any tips, it’d be greatly helpful! :D


Because the Marionette theme (‘Best Kiss’) sounds totally like Matsujun’s thang:

…and because I’m evidently Sho-biased (repeat: EXPLOSIVE FANGASM):

…and because this is the weirdest, most mind-boggling one-liner ever…

…so you gotta trust Nino to explain it:

Video duration : 23:39
Video format : AVI

– File size : 403MB
– Frame length : 704×396
DOWNLOAD : | .001 | .002 | .003 |
– Password : St@t1cE1ectr1c

– File size : 830MB
– Frame length : 1280×720
DOWNLOAD : | .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 | .005 |
– Password : St@t1cE1ectr1c

As always
Please no re-uploading on streaming sites, and please no re-posting the links
Comments and feedback are welcomed, well-appreciated, and well-loved.

And, last but not least, here’s a huge CONGRATS to Matsushima on her pregnancy, and wishing Nakajima all the best in her recovery. HnA wouldn’t be the same without Othello – wish they’ll be back soon. ):

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108 thoughts on “[subbed] Himitsu no Arashi-chan #120 (2011.02.24) Marionette – Best Kiss cut

  1. Kitty says:

    I’ve been holding back, but I just gotta say it. I HATE Nino’s one-liner there. *goosebumps, ALWAYS* OTZ

  2. Kitty says:

    PS: Cross-posted this at an Arashi group in FB :D

  3. salz says:

    thanks so much^^
    yeah i hope Othello would be back^^

  4. enios says:

    thank you for your hard work :D

  5. dee says:

    ayey!! thanks for subbing~
    i always love this segment <3

  6. ai says:

    Thank you for subbing this <3333 Nino with only one-liner? *shakes head* Ninoooooo!!!!

  7. kanu_x says:

    Thankyou very much for sharing!
    Oh, so that’s what’s happened to Othello! 8o
    Miss them too.

  8. boetzch says:

    Thanks God i’m still awake so I can snatch it lol
    thanks for the hardwork~

  9. Ninjanic43 says:

    thanks so much for subbing this!!!!!!

  10. jaja says:

    thanks for sharing this!!

  11. Maplestar says:

    Thank you! Hehe Nino is the best!!

  12. Lyan says:

    Arigatou ne :)))

  13. Topazera says:

    Eeee, thanks so much for subbing! I’ve already watched this raw but I’m looking forward to appreciating fully just how ridiculous some of the lines are. :DD

  14. Babi says:

    Thank you so much!!! oh i remember this episode i was quite shocked by Nino’s part tooXD
    Jun caused fangasm yes u___u!
    And i’m happy for Matsushima!! Omedetouuu
    But also sorry for Nakajima, it’s strange it’s happening at the same time let’s hope she will get better soon :(

  15. sofia says:

    thank you for subbing

  16. Ane Grande says:

    thank you do much for subbing and sharing ^^

  17. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBBING THIS!!~ ^^ (and of course for sharing too!!)

  18. flaminco says:

    Thank you so much for subbing!

  19. niwa says:

    thank you for subbing and sharing this <3

  20. tippyrose says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your hard work.

  21. Merry says:

    Thank you for sharing this.. I love this segment of HNA <3 <3

  22. rori says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your baby with us!
    This corner is too funny XD

  23. Uwah~ Nino’s comment. O.O So shady.
    But I love this corner for the epic fails as much as the epic wins. XD

    Thank you for sharing~!

  24. ciara says:

    thank you!

  25. farhana says:

    thank you so much for subbing & sharing!!

  26. Sah-chan says:

    Thanks a lot for subbing and sharing! ^.^

  27. bratty_onigiri says:

    Thanks for sharing~

    I feel weird and stupid… why do I strangely feel attracted to Nino’s one-liner? XDDD Lol, am I the only one?

  28. peter_pan79 says:

    thank you very much minna ^^
    and hope Othello Duo will get well soon ne
    i like to see her on HnA ne ^^

  29. kat says:

    thank you for this!

  30. rian says:

    Thank you! She’s pregnant? Ooh, hence the new format.

  31. ky09 says:

    thank you ! :D

  32. Ae says:

    Thanks much for sharing!

  33. wuzzyangel says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Lauren says:

    Congratulations! And thanks very much for doing this! I also wish Nakajima-san will make a speedy recovery and best wishes for Matsushima-san on her good news. :)

  35. roan says:

    wow! thank you so much for sharing! otsukare. =)

  36. nook says:

    thanks very much for subbing ;D

  37. Mandy says:

    thanks for sharing and subbing….

  38. lien says:

    this eps so funny
    i can’t stop laughing
    thank u for shariing

  39. Diamond says:

    Awesome! Congrats on your second subbed effort. Thank you so much.

  40. Akichan says:


  41. heart283 says:

    Than you so much for subbing and sharing! :)

  42. belovedmao says:

    thank you for subbing this and sharing!!!

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  44. potatoos says:

    Thanks for sharing ^^

  45. Hope-san says:

    Thanks for subbing & sharing ^-^

  46. Jane-K says:

    Thank you so much! :)

    And as you said, congrats to Matsushima and I hope that Nakajima will come back soon!

  47. yuui1010 says:

    Thank you for sharing^^

  48. coolnat466 says:

    Thank you :D :D :D!!

  49. honeybie says:

    domo arigatou~

  50. ayenoliveros says:

    thank you so much! :)

  51. anita says:

    THANKS A TON! this is going to be interesting~

  52. Pucca says:

    thank you for your subbing. They’re so cute:))

  53. Simply_Ying says:

    thank you soooooooo much for subbing =D

  54. angelic_scar says:

    Thanks for sharing! And congratulations on your debut!

  55. genevieve says:

    thank you~! =)

  56. astra-54 says:

    thank you so much for this~ ^o^/

  57. Thanks a million! :DD

  58. Shin says:

    OMG~ Thank you so much for this!!!! I really luv this segment! Thanks for the uploading and ur hard work!:D

  59. lirinliana says:

    im taking this, thank you~~!!!!^_^

  60. Nishya says:

    Thank you very much for your work!

  61. ys_jnr says:

    TQVM for subbing n sharing this segment… congrate matsushima… n pls take a good care n come back soon nakajima… ohhhh that 1 of the reason why they start the pairing version of HnA ne…

  62. Washu says:

    Thank you!

  63. patyzuniga says:

    thanks for sharing

  64. Jia says:

    thank you for subbing!!

  65. kkzoon says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  66. Mine says:

    Thank you so much for it!!!!

  67. arashic5 says:

    hi! can I ask you something? what software should I use to open the vid? I already download all the files, but can only manage to open the 1 one :(

  68. Ooh26 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. ^-^

  69. Leisy says:

    thank uuu!

  70. tesshi says:

    Thanks again! ♥

  71. Doh-s says:

    ARIGATO!!!!! :* Thanks. Im having a hard time looking for this. honto ni arigato gozaimasu!! :*

  72. Jessie says:

    Thanks for this! :D

  73. shujun says:

    sajklhfdlkfds, thank you so much. \:D/ Looking forward to watching it!

  74. Jolene says:

    OMG~ Thank you!! :) I have been waiting someone to sub this part :D ♥♥♥♥♥

  75. jdunq says:

    First time i stopped by here. Thanks for your works. Love Arashi, and you :-p

  76. fumofu says:

    Thank you!

  77. kinjiro9 says:

    thank you for your hard work ^^

  78. mirarazak says:

    thanks a lot 4 sharing…=)

  79. Coffee says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!! I always wanted to watch this! =D

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  81. Mariel says:

    thanks for this.

  82. faye says:

    Thank you for sharing this~

  83. junisya says:

    thanks sooo much for this !! <33333

  84. newbie says:

    hai,i’m new here…
    and i just starting to like arashi because i watch some of their variety show. their very funny. but its hard for me to find their vid with good subb like yours. so really really thank you to you. sorry for my bad english. its not my mother language ^-^
    oh and could you help me? i download your vid but after i download it all 3 part (i dl the mq vers), i cant play it, only part 1 can play. do you know why? sorry im asking you this, im not good with computer. thanx a lot

  85. Giga-chan says:

    Thank you so much for subbing and sharing this. <33

  86. mutimutimut says:

    thank you so much for your hardwork! I’m taking this nee~

  87. skypiea21 says:

    Thanks for subbing this~!!

  88. dingo dingo says:

    thaaank you it’s awesome:) but i can’t download the firstpart of MQ files with IDM, do you know why? i really want to watch this :((

  89. natalisa60 says:

    thank you very much :D

  90. Noriza says:


  91. rorohno26 says:

    AAAAHHHH!! Thank You very much for sharing this XDD
    I’ve been waiting for this. Arigato nee~

  92. GUREN says:


  93. phungthuyan says:

    Thank for your hardwork ^^. At first, I thought they have real kiss O_O

  94. amivie neski says:

    thank you so much!! i can’t wait to watch this!! watch the preview and looks interesting!!

  95. hille says:

    thanks for your hardwork! :)

  96. phungthuyan says:

    Thanks for your subbed video ^^, it’s really funny. Can I use your video translating into my mother language? I greatly appreciate your kindness whatever you say ^^. Thank you !

  97. Rawan ~ says:

    kyaaaaaaa ~ ! ! ! I don’t think my heart will handle all this :””)
    Thank you so much <3

  98. MaziaJun says:

    Thanks for subbing n sharing this…really appreciate it…=)

  99. G Hoshi says:

    thank you ! :)

  100. saara says:

    I miss your blog, where has it gone?!

  101. cilla says:

    thank yuu

  102. thank you so much ^^
    <3 <3

  103. sisca says:

    taking this….thanx a lot… :)

  104. Davie says:

    Thank you very much for subbing and sharing the best kiss part of this episode!

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