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[subbed] Himitsu no Arashi-chan #120 (2011.02.24) Marionette – Best Kiss cut

‘sup, lovelies! I present to you my second subbing project – a collaboration with my partner-in-crime-in-everything-shophail-and-awesomeness, KittyFiqa. 8Dv

Fun-but-probably-unimportant-and-useless fact — this Marionette segment is what kickstarted our venture into subbing, one fine day when we were watching the raw episode together and Kitty translated it for me (more like I demanded it, because seriously, Sho’s Marionette was giving me an explosive fangasm). One thing led to another, we took this project in seriously and worked our pedantic OCD-ridden asses off for two months to make it perfect. So yes, this is our first major solo subbing project, a.k.a. our precious firstborn baby, and we’re practically hyperventilating from the excitement to share our baby with the world!

Himitsu no Arashi-chan #120 [2011.02.24] – Super Marionette (Best Kiss) segment

Translator/QC : KittyFiqa
Timer/Typesetter/Encoder : Tashii
Raw provided by : last_of_days

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[subbed] VS Arashi 2010.10.14 – Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz cut

[May 2nd EDIT] : I made a mistake in the episode air date – it’s the 14th, not the 4th as previously stated. My bad! D8 It’s all fixed now~

FINALLY. Talk about damn time I release this up here. So, here it is – my first official subbing work! It’s  a collaboration with my friend Lumi who was awesome enough to share her translations. I’m pretty EGGSAYTED about this~ so eggsayted I could practically jump onto my desk and do the chicken dance!

…I blame the caffeine kicking in. 8Db

VS Arashi [2010.10.14] – Tom Cruise + Cameron Diaz cut

Translator/Timer/Typesetter : Lumi
Editor/Timer/Typesetter/Encoder : Tashii
Raw provided by : taimu_kapuseru

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