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[subbed] VS Arashi 2010.10.14 – Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz cut

[May 2nd EDIT] : I made a mistake in the episode air date – it’s the 14th, not the 4th as previously stated. My bad! D8 It’s all fixed now~

FINALLY. Talk about damn time I release this up here. So, here it is – my first official subbing work! It’s  a collaboration with my friend Lumi who was awesome enough to share her translations. I’m pretty EGGSAYTED about this~ so eggsayted I could practically jump onto my desk and do the chicken dance!

…I blame the caffeine kicking in. 8Db

VS Arashi [2010.10.14] – Tom Cruise + Cameron Diaz cut

Translator/Timer/Typesetter : Lumi
Editor/Timer/Typesetter/Encoder : Tashii
Raw provided by : taimu_kapuseru

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